Friday, April 24, 2009

Fire Pro Friday Returns In Two Weeks

Due to me going on vacation until May 4, there will be no new Fire Pro edits being released today or next Friday (May 1).

Right now, I am using $12.95 Internet. What hotel charges for this? I mean, really. Stupid Marriott. I guess they knew I wanted to find a live stream of the Flyers game last night since they don't have Versus anywhere in this hotel.

Anyway, if you have been following my Twitter, you got a nice look at my trip so far. I'll have a few more twitpics today since the texts won't cost a thousand dollars. After that, I will be updating Twitter from the computer, so no more pictures until I upload some to Flickr after the trip. Off to breakfast I go.


Monday, April 20, 2009

Whoops! Go Fix Your Crosby Edit.

Just a quick little fix for any of you that made my Sidney Crosby edit. For some reason I didn't add the stripe on his hockey pants. The only thing you have to change is in the "Thigh" section. It should now be this:

Base: Male L
Layer 1: Leather
(0,0,0) (1,1,1) (4,4,4) (6,6,6)
(16,15,7) (23,21,9) (27,24,12) (27,25,16)


Friday, April 17, 2009

Fire Pro: C.M. Punk & Taz

Since I am heading out in a short while, I had to post the Fire Pro Friday update early. Lucky you.

Tattoos are a tough thing to pull off properly in Fire Pro, so both of today's edits took some work to create. C.M. Punk and Taz were both a part of ECW at some point in time. One was a part of the real ECW, while the other was a part of the abomination that it is today. Enjoy!

P.S. I am going to be on vacation for a week starting next Thursday. I plan on doing a Fire Pro update on Tuesday or Wednesday.


Friday, April 10, 2009

Fire Pro: Mike Richards & Sidney Crosby

I am getting later and later with these Fire Pro releases. We might have to change the name of it to Fire Pro Saturday...or...Fire Pro Weekends...or...well, I could just type out everything earlier than I do. At least I am sticking to the schedule of Friday releases, right?

So, the NHL playoffs are going to be starting pretty soon and I figured Fire Pro could use some hockey talents. I give you Mike Richards (Philadelphia Flyers) and Sidney Crybaby Crosby (Pittsburgh Penguins). Yes, I am a homer for the Flyers, but Crosby has to stop his bitching or Ilya Kovalchuk just might have some more pwnage to dish out.


Friday, April 3, 2009

Fire Pro: The Rock & Christian Cage

It's Friday and that means it is time for another Fire Pro release party. The party is taking place in the Smackdown Hotel this week. All of my peeps are invited. And now, welcome The Rock and Christian Cage to the Fire Pro family here at The Watering Hole.

This is the Hollywood version of The Rock. As you can see, he has his large arm tattoo. Maybe I should create a Hurricane edit so he and Rock can talk smack to each other in Fire Pro. And the Christian Cage edit is actually an old edit I posted on my previous blog. I might just give you all another edit as a bonus for that re-post.