Friday, May 29, 2009

EGM To Be Resurrected?

Recently deceased video game magazine Electronic Gaming Monthly is apparently not as dead as we thought. According to a press release from,

Steve Harris, founder of “Electronic Gaming Monthly” magazine, announced today that he has entered into an agreement with Ziff Davis Media to re-acquire certain assets, including trademarks and publishing rights, with plans to re-launch EGM in the second half of 2009.
So, how many times have things we've loved left and then come back shittier than ever? Let's see...Bomberman: Act Zero, post-Genesis Sonic games, Devil May Cry 2, Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link. I could go on and on, but will end it there. Hopefully the new EGM will bring back what we loved about them, while adding in some new sections to breath some life into the mag. Good luck!

Thanks to former EGM/1UP employee Ryan O'Donnell for his tweet to inform all who follow him.


NHL 10 Trailer Misses The Hype Train

I'm sorry. This trailer does nothing for me. I can understand the guys at EA being happy to give us a trailer, but all we got were two week old screenshots in action. And when is someone at EA going to realize that hockey players throw checks with their shoulders, not their sticks?

Here is what I noticed from that trailer:

  • Stutter step looks to be in to fool goalies. I predict a glitch goal coming.
  • Luongo was holding the cup, meaning you can maybe make goalies captains.
  • Is the one knee shot forced by being tripped or can you do it anytime?
  • I fear that facewashing is only there to be the reason a fight starts, not just a fun thing to do after plays. Won't know until the game is out.
  • During first person fights, the edges of the screen looked darkened. Why?
  • Board play looks great. This is what the EA NHL series has been lacking. It was the one thing 2K had on EA.
  • During that one knee shot, the diver loses his stick. Was that just a messed up animation or is he supposed to lose his stick there?
  • Like I said, hitting needs to be done with the shoulder, not with the stick.


Friday, May 22, 2009

Fire Pro: Kurt Angle & Psycho Sid

This week you get two completely different edits. None of that two Alice shenanigans from last week. What do you get this week? Why you get an olympic hero and a psycho.

Kurt Angle and Psycho Sid are two completely different wrestlers, as promised. They are also guys that have two very different styles in the squared circle. While Angle has a real wrestling background, Sid is all power moves. Power moves and a crazy tan. Just make sure not to give your Sid edit any high flying turnbuckle moves.



Friday, May 15, 2009

Fire Pro: 2x Alice

Fire Pro Friday returns with a double dose of Resident Evil.

I know, everyone hates the Resident Evil movies. To each their own. Personally, I liked them because I am a freak for anything Resident Evil. As for the whole psychic person in the Resident Evil universe? I say meh. It isn't like the movies had any influence on the games.

Anyway, now you can play as two different versions of Alice (the main character from the movies). One version is from the first movie, while the other is from the third installment, Resident Evil: Extinction. Enjoy!


Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Follow Production On NHL 10

For those of you who play NHL 09 for fun, aka don't use cheese goals, you will be happy to know that EA is working on plenty of fixes for next years game. Besides fixing cheese goals, Producer David Littman says they are also taking another look at improving dynasty mode.

If you have a Twitter, you can stay up to date on NHL 10 production here. Also be sure to check out the EA blog for some behind the scenes videos.

NHL 10 Producer Blog - Part One

NHL 10 Producer Blog - Part Two

NHL 10 Gameplay Fixes


Saturday, May 9, 2009

I Spruced Up My Room

The room from which I type this is probably the size of the closet nearest you. There is just enough room in here for a bed, a desk, and a TV. Add in a clothes dresser and I have just enough room to breathe. Well, I had it with that damn dresser.

Said clothes dresser is downstairs now. That means that every time I need a t-shirt, I have to travel up and down the basement stairs. Nothing like a little exercise to pick out a t-shirt. So now that that behemoth of a dresser is downstairs, I brought up a little entertainment center thingy and hung a few posters/prints. Head here to see before and after pictures.


Fire Pro: Chris Sabin & Rhino

Yes, I am back. Today's edits come late due to getting back from our cruise on Monday and then wanting to rearrange my room better for the Summer Of Cody (which will start on Monday, May 11). Let's get straight to it.

I give you the man-beast, Rhino, and Chris Sabin. I have nothing clever or informative to go along with this. Stop reading. Annnd go!