Friday, May 29, 2009

NHL 10 Trailer Misses The Hype Train

I'm sorry. This trailer does nothing for me. I can understand the guys at EA being happy to give us a trailer, but all we got were two week old screenshots in action. And when is someone at EA going to realize that hockey players throw checks with their shoulders, not their sticks?

Here is what I noticed from that trailer:

  • Stutter step looks to be in to fool goalies. I predict a glitch goal coming.
  • Luongo was holding the cup, meaning you can maybe make goalies captains.
  • Is the one knee shot forced by being tripped or can you do it anytime?
  • I fear that facewashing is only there to be the reason a fight starts, not just a fun thing to do after plays. Won't know until the game is out.
  • During first person fights, the edges of the screen looked darkened. Why?
  • Board play looks great. This is what the EA NHL series has been lacking. It was the one thing 2K had on EA.
  • During that one knee shot, the diver loses his stick. Was that just a messed up animation or is he supposed to lose his stick there?
  • Like I said, hitting needs to be done with the shoulder, not with the stick.

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