Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Animal Crossing is For Everyone, Not Just Kids

I tend to get a little upset when I see mainstream media talking down about videogames. The two obvious examples are the Mass Effect sex simulator accusations and Resident Evil 5 being a racist game. You can now add Animal Crossing: City Folk to the laundry list of ridiculous videogame stories you will hear on the news. KMIZ ABC 17 News appears to have done no research on AC:CF, stating that Mayor Tortimer, a computer controlled turtle, could potentially be a child molester.

They try to scare parents into thinking that if their kids play AC:CF, they will be contacted by complete strangers from across the country. It somehow slipped their minds to tell parents about having to exchange a 16 digit friend code and your town's name with said stranger before you even turn on your Wii. From the sounds of it, KMIZ should just be blaming parents for sucking at parenting. Try supervising your children and see what they look at when they go online.

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