Monday, March 9, 2009

Look What I Found! Part 2

The second installment of Look What I Found has arrived. This time, I have some comics and figures to show you. There is mostly Street Fighter in this update, with a little bit of Mario. Plus, some TMNT bonuses. Keep reading for some images and a link to the LWIF! album.

Chun-Li's thighs aren't THAT bad in the comic. They do give us a nice crotch shot though.

Vega and Ryu do not approve of creepy looking Blanka.

Mario giving life lessons.

Random old TMNT comics!

For more images, head over to my Flickr page and look for the set called "Look What I Found!"

1 comment:

Schide said...

Heh, Street Fighter comics. Hmm, you might enjoy some of the posts this guy makes on his comics blog

He "reviews" a lot of fighting game based comics and also a lot of wrestling comics. You'd have to go back in the archives to read all of them though.

Also I found the first three tpbs of the original TMNT series that were first printings at a Half Price Books once for like $15. I read them and then put them up on Ebay and got $75 back for them. Pretty sweet.