Tuesday, July 15, 2008

E3 Nintendo: Animal Crossing: City Folk

While the Nintendo press conference was quite disappointing, one decent thing we got out of it was a Wii Animal Crossing game. Better yet, it is coming out this year (Nov. 16th to be exact). Keep reading to see an interview with Animal Crossing creator, Katsuya Eguchi, gameplay footage, and learn about visiting the big city and looking like your Mii.

The city aspect of the game looks enjoyable even though it isn't a completely new feature since it houses some old shops from past Animal Crossing games. The addition of changing your characters head into that of your Mii is a nice touch. The thing is, it just seems like an "EA upgrade" to me. There isn't anything that catches my eye and makes me go, "Wow, I never thought they could add that into the game." It is only slight enhancements to what is already a stellar game series.


Gameplay (in town 1)
Gameplay (in town 2)
Gameplay (entering city)
AC at Nintendo press conference
Official Nintendo AC gameplay

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