Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hotsteppers Hitsteppers Set Team High In Hits for one Game

(video is not of talked about game)

Pouches 12, Schide, Mad Eye Moody, and myself (Redfield85) have undoubtedly set a Hotsteppers record for hits in a game (NHL09-EASHL). After winning our first two games of the night, we went on a hitting frenzy, having 100 hits after just two periods of play. The game ended with us getting 71 hits in the third, finishing with a total of 171 hits. See who had the most hits after the jump.

edit: In the following game, we reached 100 hits.

Hit Totals:
Schide - 58
Pouches 12 - 42
Redfield85 - 26
Computer players - 23
Mad Eye Moody - 22

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