Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A New Challenger Approaches!

I just got back from picking up my copy of Street Fighter IV (360) and my Chun-Li FightPad (360). I will have my impressions of the FightPad and the game a little later, but let me just tell you that the d-pad on the FightPad feels so nice and the buttons press easily. Hopefully it works great in-game. Also, don't forget about the Gamestop Street Fighter IV Tournaments going on all over the place this Saturday. Time to go and be a family man.


Norman said...

That's cool. So why are you having us vote on who you main? Can't you make any decisions on your own, man? :P

Cody Lev said...

Just curious to see what everyone thinks. Hey, and it got you to come to my blog, no?


I just want to have people involved with my blog/site. Hearing from people makes me think that there are actually people out there looking at this stuff. Plus, it is always fun to see the results of polls.